Keep ahead of the game when helping clients design their dream home.

We’re here to help you every step of the way – our cheat sheet will nail down the necessary brass tacks for even the most discerning client.

1. Don’t kick them to the kerb
Kerbside appeal really is key! An aesthetically pleasing home needn’t cost much more than a plain one. It’s the little touches that count, even if it is humble. Kerbside appeal impacts the resale value of the client’s home and an appealing porch and facade create a first impression that should carry over to the entrance area.
2. Zoning out
Living and sleeping zones should allow for simultaneous use without interruption. Bathroom and laundry facilities need to be accessed without crossing through a second zone. A built-in robe is the perfect buffer between a sleeper and a flusher, and no one wants a family member crossing in front of the telly to enter the next room. A furnished space should only be entered for exclusive use, not to pass through it. A home shouldn’t be cramped and should be furnished in a way that maximises space.
3. See no evil, hear no evil
No one wants to have a direct line of sight to a toilet or bathroom from a living area, and no one wants to hear a toilet being used. The proximity of toilets to the living area should ensure sufficient privacy and natural ventilation.
4. The great outdoors
Aussie life is outdoor life. Barbecues and sundowners are part and parcel of Aussie living.  Connect indoor living spaces with outdoor living spaces using stacker or bi-fold doors. When correctly designed, this can create space without adding additional area.
Keeping these tips and tricks in mind, you will communicate to your client that you consider the finest details for a stress-free home environment and relaxed lifestyle.