Building the future

Russell and Tamara initially launched Design Artisan’s (DA’s) predecessor Dzign-R in 2006, from the outset putting values at the core of the business. These values continue to be shared by DA’s director, professional and administrative staff, and encouraged in those organisations with whom DA works in partnership.

The company’s overriding goal is to improve the form, function and affordability of housing in the wider community. By extending the availability of professional design and documentation services – in the past often reserved to a select few – DA has put these services within reach of many more Australian families. In this way, each year we successfully improve the quality of more people’s lives.

We understand builders' frustrations and we have the solutions.

DA products and services ensure builders are free to focus on construction and client communications. DA is essentially a builder's invisible partner, delivering award winning designs, exceptional documentation, and highly professional marketing material.

Our aspiration

is to offer each of our licensees’ clients design solutions to improve the quality of their lives. Our strong and growing design team makes DA a leader across a wide range of residential developments.

Our inspiration

is visible in the strikingly beautiful, elegant and innovative buildings that give pleasure to those who live in them and, just as important, enhance the built environment for everyone.

And we make a little magic

with each and every client brief, by being able to incorporate into homes even more than clients recognised they were seeking.

DA, and DA’s predecessor Dzign-R have worked closely with a small network of licensee builders since 2006, understanding the frustrations that builders face on a day to day basis, and implementing solutions.

For DA, nothing large is too challenging; nothing small is too simple. Each and every project is accorded exactly the same level of commitment; to provide the best, most functional and beautiful results.

Fearless Leaders

Ultimately passionate about exceptional design and thorough documentation, Russell and Tamara are DA’s team leaders.

Russell Winnett

Russell Winnett

Owner - thinks he's the boss

Design – Team leader
Tamara Eyles

Tamara Eyles

Manager - the REAL boss

Documentation – Team leader


Doesn't care who's boss


Our Award Winning Homes

DA’s licensees have won countless awards for DA’s unique and inspiring approach to rethinking the great Australian dream.

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