DA uses cutting edge technologies to provide unparalleled support and services to an exclusive network of licensees. From where it all happens at DA Gateway to industry leading Virtual Reality tours, DA leads and others try to keep up.

We understand your problems and we have the solutions

DA, and DA’s predecessor Dzign-R have worked closely with a small network of licensee builders since 2006, understanding the frustrations that builders face on a day to day basis, and implementing solutions.

DA Gateway

DA Gateway transforms the way builders are able to order designs and documentation as well as produce branded marketing material. DA Gateway maintains a personalised database of clients and related projects, and allows builders to create standards to ensure documentation suits each builder’s preferred methods of construction.

Virtual Reality

DA VR is something that needs to be seen to be believed. DA is producing Virtual Display homes for its most successful and most popular homes, allowing builders to have many display homes at their finger tips, and a truly unique offering for their clients.

3D Modelling

All DA projects are fully modelled using advanced 3D modelling software. This allows builders to present aesthetically pleasing perspective images of their home as standard. Additionally DA has industry leading in-house rendering and animation capability allowing builders to request and present high resolution photo-realistic images and animations.

Via DA Gateway licensees can order high quality photo-realistic images, animations and VR tours, ideal for those projects that require an even higher level of visualisation.

Virtual Display Homes

DA offers an industry first Virtual Display home capability to its licensee builders. Builders have the opportunity to send branded flat pack VR headsets to potential new clients with a timed login allowing an amazing virtual display home experience. This is state of the art technology, and it’s available now to all DA licensees.

3D Modelling

DA’s 3D modelling is second to none. DA has talented, highly experienced designers and documenters who model every amazing design. Every DA project is fully modelled allowing otherwise unforeseen issues to be resolved during the design and documentation process. DA’s modelling allows every project to be presented with an array of perspective views, ensuring clients both understand and are blown away with the designs presented to them.

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